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elrondhalfelven's Journal

Elrond Peredhil
I am Lord Elrond Peredhil of Imladris. I can trace my lineage back to Finwe and Thingol. I am the master of the elven ring Vilya. I have my very own refuge, Rivendell. I am a member of the White Council. I was the herald and heir of King Gil-galad and marched with him at the Last Alliance. I played a crucial role during the War of the Ring and handpicked the Fellowship.

A little respect would be appreciated. And no, I never had any children with Galadriel and Arwen is my only daughter, so cut those stupid Mary Sues out.

This is my story. Or journal, rather.


My clone/fiancee:

My late wife:

My children:

(also the father of Sundance Priscilla Halfelven, Butch Gimli Peredhel, and Boo Radley Elengil kinda)

My parents:

My kinda-almost-father:

My brother:

My grandparents:

My famous great-grandma, don't fuck with me:

My mentor/pimp:


(plus other assorted Celeborns, unfortunately)

Insert pictures of 9.2 billion scary-ass Galadriels here.


Slaves to my will:

(also Lindir, but his face is too terrifying to behold)


Sekrit crush omg: